Estonia e-Resident's Digital ID Card Collection Centre in Japan
e-Resident's Digital ID Card e-Resident's Digital ID Card in Japan Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil

Happy to announce e-Resident’s Digital ID Card centre is opening on 9th September 2022 in Tokyo, Japan. Please refer to Contact us page for more details. New Address: BLS International - 1st Floor, Building B (SABINET), West End Office Park, 250 Hall Street, Centurion, 0157. For any enquiries, please contact us on telephone at +2710 7454657 or email us at

Once e-resident’s identity is verified and biometric data is provided, the officer at the counter will collect the service fees in cash and issue a receipt for the fee payment..

The digi-ID package includes;

  • 1. The e-resident’s digi-ID card
  • 2. The card reader
  • 3. Terms of Use / Data of Document Holder sheet
    The officer at the counter will ask the e-resident to sign the Data of Document Holder sheet then cut the Data of Document Holder sheet from the terms of use of certificates and provides the e-resident with their digi-ID.
    Information about how to use the digi-ID card can be found at