Estonia e-Resident's Digital ID Card Collection Centre in Japan
e-Resident's Digital ID Card e-Resident's Digital ID Card in Japan Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil

New Address: BLS International - 1st Floor, Building B (SABINET), West End Office Park, 250 Hall Street, Centurion, 0157. For any enquiries, please contact us on telephone at +2710 7454657 or email us at

Biometrics Data Collection

For security reasons, you must personally come to our centre to provide your fingerprints, live photo, and pick up your digi-ID card.

Please bring your travel document (passport) when you visit the centre to pick up your e-Resident's Digital ID Card.

Note: ID cards and documents (e.g. Residence card/certificate, Driver’s license, Family relation certificate, etc.) are not acceptable for collection of the digi-ID card. If you are unsure whether your travel document is applicable, please get in touch with us.