Estonia e-Resident's Digital ID Card Collection Centre in Japan
e-Resident's Digital ID Card e-Resident's Digital ID Card in Japan Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Brazil

Services Fees

Location Fee in Euros Fee in local Currency
Japan 22 JPY 2,852.30
Brazil 23.60 BRL 154.11
South Africa 17.25 ZAR 302.05
Thailand 16.05 THB 587.91
Singapore 16.05 SGD 25.52

Assistance with e-Residency applications

Location Fee in Euros Fee in local Currency
Japan 38.50 JPY 4,991.53
Brazil 41.30 BRL 269.69
South Africa 34.50 ZAR 604.10
Thailand 32.10 THB 1,175.82
Singapore 32.10 SGD 51.04

*Fees mentioned above is excluding taxes.

The fees are charged per person to collect the digi-ID card at the centre and it is payable in cash only.

A receipt for the service fee will be provided so please ensure total amount paid matches with the amount reflects in the receipt.

The fee is non-refundable once the digi-ID card is collected. The service fee in local currency can be changed followed by exchange rate so please check the service fee on the day that you visit the centre.